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KMP+ – A new Windows installation usually requires that third-party software is also installed in order to meet daily demands. Whether you think of an antivirus, a CD / DVD tool, compression utility, file manager, Internet browser, office suite or multimedia players, you normally go with a particular set. When it comes to video players, there a few that really do their job properly. KMPlayer sits at the top, sharing its ranks with other notorious applications such as Windows Media Player, VLC media player, BS.Player or Gom Player.

Features of KMPlayer Software Download

  •     Already equipped with integrated Codec + replay environment
  •     Supports replay of damaged (While sending online) AVI File
  •     Supports a variety different kinds of media equipments
  •     Supports Winamp, RealMedia, QuickTime
  •     Supports multiple audio streams
  •     Supports many different kinds of output devices
  •     A variety of subtitle function Image processing function
  •     Supports low and high specifications
  •     Supports skin function
  •     A variety of speech processing function Supports Winamp (General Purpose) plug-in
  •     Supports Winamp (Visualization) plug-in
  •     ASF/ASX, RTSP etc. real time broadcast viewing function(e-sky broadcasting)
  •     Frequency analysis & wavy pattern output function when playing music
  •     Supports live equipments like TV/Camera
  •     Supports DVD
  •     Strong, stopped image capture function
  •     Video capture function
  •     Wallpaper viewing function
  •     Easy to use OSC (On Screen Control)
  •     Image resizing function
  •     Jog and shuttle for language studying function/section repetition function
  •     A variety of input, output color face function
  •     Level of operating difficulty : Easy
  •     Executable using only one file
  •     Language : Supports 27 different languages

 KMP has required codecs built-in.

  • Enjoy medias without installing codecs separately.
  • KMP supports both built-in and 3rd party codecs.
  • KMP’s built-in codec is faster and reliable because it process internally.
  • The current built-in codec supports all ffdshow codecs and also codecs that ffdshow doesn’t support such as MPEG1, 2.
  • Features audio codecs (AC3, MPEG1, 2, AAC, WMA 7, 8 etc.).
  • Matrix/normalizer options through built-in voice codec.
  • Through KMP’s built-in codecs, you can enjoy all major media formats.
  • KMP additionally supports 3rd party codecs for users that doesn’t use the built-in codec and also doesn’t install the codecs on the computer like other codecs do. Most public codec packs+players forces to install the codec on your computer, while KMP does not. This means that installing KMP will not affect your computer at all.

Correction of corrupted files
  • AVI format originally have problems when trying to view corrupted files.
  • KMP therefore supports various methods to play AVI files. First, KMP utilizes the ‘AVI Splitter’. Minor corrupted AVI files can be viewed through previous versions of AVI Splitter.
  • If it still doesn’t play, KMP will utilize the ‘AVI Source Filter’ for playback. The built-in ‘AVI Source Filter’ analyses AVI files and plays by skipping bad frames.
  • If it still doesn’t play through the above methods, it will utilize the RealMedia engine to play the corrupted AVI files.

Various File Format Support & Hardware Support
  • KMP is based on DirectShow so it supports almost all Windows Media formats.
  • KMP also supports Winamp, RealMedia, QuickTime, Flash(SWF) through KMP’s ground-up technology.
  • KMP supports the most media formats compared to all worldwide media players.
  • KMP supports DirectShow’s extension WDM (TVs/cameras) and DVDs..

Various Options
  • Various ratios supported (4:3, 16:9. 2.35:1, 1.85:1 etc.)
  • Playback speed options.
  • Various subtitle options.
  • Standard Video Setup: Soften/Sharpen/Blend Color/Reverse Input/Reverse
  • Advanced Video Setup: Remove Afterimage/Remove 3D Noise/Remove Noise in Phases/Add Noise/Fast Forward Mode etc.
  • Manage still images, video captures, filters etc.
  • Flash format supported (FLV, SWF).
  • Watch Live URL broadcasts (VOD, MMS).

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