InPixio Photo Cutter 9.0.7 Free Download

InPixio Photo Cutter 9 – Cut-out in a few clicks! With InPixio Photo Cutter, Cut-out any detail, person, object or landscape element from your photos. Select the shape of the object thanks to the cursor or the background to remove, Photo Cutter algorithm runs automatically! You can also use the “retention” cursor for important details to keep and get a successful clipping! Even fine details such as hair can be removed with amazing precision. Then simply paste the cut objects on any background to make collages or photomontages – in just 1-click!

Edge smoothing:
This improved function allows you to intelligently smooth contours for a softer transition between the subject and the background, for even more successful integration into your photomontage.

Create photomontages in 3 steps only:

    Choose the photo for your photomontage
    Easy cut-out your photo
    Drag your photo on its new background! Select a background among the original pictures available, or upload your own background picture for unique photomontages!

Features of InPixio Photo Cutter 9 Download

  •     Remove Image Backgrounds
  •     Cutout Defined Objects Easily
  •     Compose Photo Montages
  •     Comes With Practical Tutorials
  •     Image cropping: the software incorporates seven pre-defined formats (format 16:9, 4:3, etc.) or you can define your own
  •     Image formats supported: Jpeg and TIFF (8-bit or 16-bit), PNG, BMP, GIF and JpegXR

Download Link 

      InPixio Photo Cutter 9.0.7 | File Size:244.1MB|

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