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Geekbench 4 Pro measures your system's power and tells you whether your computer is ready to roar. How strong is your mobile device or desktop computer? How will it perform when push comes to crunch? These are the questions that Geekbench can answer.

Includes updated CPU workloads and new Compute workloads that model real-world tasks and applications. Geekbench is a benchmark that reflects what actual users face on their mobile devices and personal computers.

CPU Benchmark

Each CPU workload models a real-world task or application, ensuring meaningful results. These tests are complex, avoiding simple problems with straightforward memory-access patterns, and push the limits of your system.

Compute Benchmark

Measure the compute performance of your GPU with the new Compute Benchmark. From image processing to computer vision to number crunching, Geekbench 4 tests your GPU using relevant and complex challenges.


Designed from the ground-up for cross-platform comparisons, Geekbench 4 allows you to compare system performance across devices, processor architectures, and operating systems. Geekbench 4 supports Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Real-World Tests

Geekbench 4 features new tests designed to simulate real-world scenarios. This helps make Geekbench an invaluable tool to determine how your current computer (or your next computer) will handle your tasks and applications.

Stress Tests

Geekbench 4 includes stress tests, which are tests that help determine the stability of your system. Stress tests help you find small problems with your system before they become big problems.

Multicore Aware

Every test in Geekbench 4 is multi-core aware. This allows Geekbench to show you the true potential of your system. Whether you're running Geekbench on a dual-core phone or a 32-core server, Geekbench is able to measure the performance of all the cores in your system.

Cross Platform

Compare apples and oranges. Or Apples and Samsungs. Geekbench is available for a number of desktop and mobile operating systems, allowing you to compare the performance of different systems running different operating systems.

Geekbench 4 is currently available for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS.

64 Bit

Geekbench provides both 32-bit and 64-bit benchmarks. Find out how fast your 32-bit programs run today, and how fast your 64-bit programs will run tomorrow.

Results Browser

Share your Geekbench 4 results with other users by uploading your results to the Geekbench Browser. Let other users see how fast (or slow) your computer can go. Create an account and track all of your Geekbench 3 results in one location.

What's New:

Geekbench 4.3, the latest version of our popular cross-platform benchmark, is now available for download. Geekbench 4.3 includes the following changes:

  • Add native support for Windows on ARM devices. Users are now able to measure the full potential of their Windows on ARM devices, as Geekbench includes binaries compiled to target the AArch64 processors.
  • Remove 32-bit benchmarks on iOS and macOS. iOS no longer supports 32-bit applications, and macOS warns users when applications include 32-bit components. Users interested in running 32-bit benchmarks on iOS or macOS should run Geekbench 4.2.3 (benchmark results are comparable between Geekbench 4.2.3 and 4.3.0).
  • Fix an issue that prevented AVX512 workloads from running on macOS.
  • Fix an issue that could cause runtime failures with Metal workloads on upcoming versions of iOS and macOS.
  • Fix an issue that could cause the LLVM workload to hang, especially on systems with more than 10 cores.

Geekbench 4.3.0 is a free update for all Geekbench 4 users.

The recommended steps for running the test are as follows:

  • Plug in your device.
  • Launch Geekbench 4.
  • Launch the battery test.
  • Wait for your device to completely charge.
  • Unplug your device. The battery test will start automatically. The test can take several hours to complete, especially on newer devices with larger batteries.
  • Wait for your device to completely discharge and turn off.
  • Plug in your device and wait for it to turn on.
  • Launch Geekbench 4. The battery test result will display automatically.
  • The test result includes the battery test runtime, the battery test score, and the battery level at the beginning and at the end of the test.

Here's what the different numbers mean:

Battery Runtime is the battery test runtime. If the test started with the battery completely charged and ended with the battery completely discharged then the test runtime is also the battery lifetime.

Battery Score is a combination of the runtime and the work completed during the battery test. If two phones have the same runtime but different scores, then the phone with the higher score completed more work. As with Geekbench scores, higher battery scores are better.

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