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Social media is a crucial yet potentially time consuming part of any marketing strategy. Gone are the days when it was all about sharing great content consistently!

Nowadays, social media marketing is all about engaging with your followers, analyzing, and monitoring your activities and of course optimizing paid ad campaigns.

To make sure that you aren’t lost in the endless sea of news feeds and tweets, follow these super easy yet strategic ways to up your social media marketing game

1. Pick out Social Media Wisely

Identifying your target audience is the first thing one should do. Assess your current following and communicate with your sales team to get the facts right. Use websites like Social Media Examiner to research about the current market and the social media that your target audience visits the most.

Finally, choose 1 to 3 social media platforms  (From Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc.)  and fully dedicate yourself to generating creative, relevant and most importantly, consistent content on each of them and pay no attention to the rest until you have the required resources and time to allocate to them.

2. Blueprint For Social Media Strategy

Make sure to establish a timely routine to implement your social marketing strategy that is planned for each day. A timetable will keep you right on track and stop you from getting lost in the highly captivating world of social media.

For instance, you could allocate 10 minutes to respond to comments, 10 minutes to check the latest news or articles on your feeds, 10 minutes to posting relevant content from your own or other pages.

Make sure to keep track of where you require more time and how well you are following the routine and make changes accordingly if needed.

3. Get Top-Notch Content!

We’ve all wasted hours staring at the computer screen, trying very hard to create good content. Avoid the writer’s block by collaborating with others and having concentrated brainstorm sessions in which you create all of the content that is required for a week’s posting.

Contentmart, an online platform which connects content creators with buyers is a great place to : find highly professional and versatile writers  from all over the world.

The website offers free registration, the autonomy to set your own price for each project and option to reject content if it is not up to the mark combined with the refund policy not made this the holy prophet when it comes to content.

The website’s also has unique parameters to classify its writers, a special set of language and industry-based tests as well as the option to go through each writer’s portfolio to decide who will create the best social media marketing content.

Apart from that, contentmart also saves you the trouble of running a plagiarism or grammar check with its inbuilt Copyscape and grammar check, guaranteeing poor English, grammatical error and duplicate content free content, every single time.

If your approach is global, then posting content in different languages may add a very personal touch which is sure to resonate in the hearts of your followers, Contentmarts’ multilingual content and translation services can surely help too Hightechks Team

4. Teamwork = Dream work

The trick to winning the social media marketing game is to have your team scout for resources and content, but maintain autonomy when it comes to scheduling and posting.

Ask your team members to forward interesting content that they find for you and make sure to ask them to also send any comments or photos that they have on events that your brand attends.

If you’re heading a large enterprise, it is important to identify the social media champions in your company who can casually train those who may not be as familiar with social media and how it can contribute to your social strategy.

5.Create your own Section of the Web

Social media sites may introduce you to that important employer connect and allow you to easily share information, but creating a personal website or blog can serve as a sort of homebase for your online presence. These platforms give potential employers a place to see all your social media accounts as well as projects that you’ve worked on. “Make sure all your web locations point to all others so people can find your work and communication channels,” Riggs said. Platforms such as WordPress and Squarespace allow you to create easily customizable websites and blogs, while Journo Portfolio and Seelio are aimed more at creating writing portfolios to display your work.


When it comes to appearing professional online, you can never be too careful. We’ve all heard the horror stories of people getting turned down for jobs because of an embarrassing Facebook photo, but believe it or not, professionalism goes much further than that. “All your bio photos at this point should at least not look amateurish,” Riggs said. “Employers look closely at a candidate’s social media presence. Don’t give them a reason to dislike you. Leave the beer pong out.” If you’re serious about your job search, it’s time to unlike all those Facebook pages from seventh grade and upgrade your LinkedIn profile from your favorite club selfie to one that’s employer-approved.

7. Analyse your Social Media Progress

Dedicating a particular time of the day or a day in a week to analyze the progress of your social media networks and the followers that you’re engaging.

Research how best to quantify and accurately measure the success of your online campaigns, to examine your progress.

Once you have the reports, you get a clearer picture of where you stand and where you’d like to stand and hence what changes are needed to up your social media marketing game.

Do not waste time on strategies  that don’t work for your target audience; no matter how loyal they are or how good the your offerings are, if the strategy is a fail and does not work on the desired audience; it’s a fail.

To achieve the maximum output, make sure your strategy directly connects and affects the audience and gains you the right set of results. A right strategy, thus is a major essential for any businesses’ success.

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